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Connecting Your Organization Like Never Before.

Pavion, formerly Collaborative Technology Solutions, LLC (CTS), provides integration solutions that connect and protect your people and your business.


Now Connecting and Protecting in More Ways.

CTS, now operating as Pavion, means more ways to connect and protect our customers. By joining Pavion, we provide more than just integration solutions and services. Now, our customers also have access to fire and security solutions and a service and delivery presence across over 70+ locations in the United States and serving 23 countries

Pavion Experience

Partnership that Progresses

We work with you every step of the way, meeting your
needs throughout the complete project lifecycle.


From the onset of the project, we’ll work to understand your needs and design the right solution. Our projects include comprehensive drawings, a clear, detailed scope, and a thorough bill of materials.

Technology & Integration

Once approved, we’ll bring your design to life. We deliver your technology with the highest quality implementation, engineering, change management, and training.


After implementation, we offer multiple service offerings to ensure you get the most out of the Pavion Experience. Count on us to provide unmatched customer service and reliability.


Our Capabilities

We offer cutting-edge capabilities to deliver the
right integration solutions for your organization.

Critical Communication Systems

Whether your focus is enterprise, healthcare, education, or government, keeping your organization connected means having the right systems in place to connect and share information quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Collaboration Systems

Elevate your organization and enhance communication with audio and visual components that use the latest technology to ensure high-quality productivity.

Security Systems

Protecting your people, data, and assets is extremely important. We provide the systems to ensure you’re always secure.

Life Safety Systems

Ensuring safety in your operation is paramount. That’s why we have solutions that keep your people and your business healthy and safe.

IoT, Managed Services, Networking & Mobility

Integrated systems require properly designed infrastructure to ensure agile connectivity, high availability, and ease of mobility to deliver the right user experience. Our UX and engineering teams design for clarity.


Services for Every Stage.

Our services give you access to top technicians and the most advanced products. Whether you’re looking for subscription services or have a specialized need, we can help – even after the initial project is complete.


Meet the Team

CTS has earned its reputation by delivering technology innovation to every customer
we serve. As we take the next step in our business as Pavion, our commitment to
the people we serve has never been stronger.

Will Seifert

President, Integration Business Unit

David Wrigley

Vice President of Sales, Integration Business Unit

Robin Nishiyama

Director of Healthcare & Education Solutions, Integration Business Unit

Chris Fischer

Director of Engineering, Integration Business Unit

Denise Korecky

Director of Service, Integration Business Unit
Todd Nazelrod

Todd Nazelrod

General Manager of Knightdale/Cary/Richmond
Mackenzy Wynn

Mackenzy Wynn

Service Manager
Craig Oreshack

Craig Oreshack

Operations Manager


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