Michael Frank, CTS-D <br><h6>Director of Audio Visual </h6><br>

Michael Frank, CTS-D

Director of Audio Visual

"The question is simply: What is best for THIS client?"

Michael Frank is the Director of Audio-Visual at CTS who manages the design and implementation of systems to meet a wide range of client needs.  Michael believes that there is a unique solution that will best serve each client’s budget and functionality needs.  Michael & CTS will design and implement a solution that has the client first in mind, and not specific to any manufacturer or industry relationship; the question is simply, “What is best for this client?”


Michael has held the industry recognized CTS-D certification for over 15 years as well as many other certifications, including control programming, and has expertise in audio signal processing.  He has been responsible for the design and implementation of all types of A/V systems including corporate conference spaces, large amphitheaters, educational spaces, and broadcast studios.  Michael holds an electrical engineering degree with a minor in political science from Northeastern University (class of 2002).


In his personal time, Michael is a dedicated volleyball coach with a travelling juniors team, and he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children at the beach.