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Sound Masking and Mass Notification Systems are services that Collaborative Technology Solutions offers.

A sound masking system emits a low-level, non-distracting masking noise that is designed to reduce speech intelligibility and improve speech privacy in public environments.

Distractions caused by office machinery,  traffic, conversations, and other unwanted sounds are vastly improved by a sound masking system. This improvement in sound reduction can be of great value, especially in open-plan spaces like entrepreneurial start-ups, tech companies, or educational institutions. Minimizing distractions and noise pollution have proven to increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Speech Privacy System is another name for this. In locations where critical privacy and confidentiality are paramount, like medical facilities, hotel lobbies, and legal firms, a sound masking system can help safeguard verbal communication by all reasonable means.  In cases where HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) Regulations are mandatory, such as medical offices, sound masking systems and speech privacy systems designed by CTS can help bring your organization into compliance.

Poor ambient noise and outdated notification systems can cause unnecessary stress work inefficiencies on the people in your office. Let CTS deliver TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS FOR YOU™.


The Problem: You need a stand alone AUTOMATED SYSTEM for integrated LP, Cellular Alerts, Radio Notification, security management (remove background music), and other notification systems.

The Solution: Sound Masking System by CTS


The Problem: Your open office layout has employees distracted by noise and frustrated by inappropriate acoustics.

The Solution: Sound Masking System by CTS

The Problem: You’re spending money on noise cancelling headphones and white-noise machines for speech privacy and comfort.

The Solution: Sound Masking System by CTS

Sound Masking | | Collaborative Technology Solutions | Raleigh, NC & Charlotte, NC


A mass notification system, emergency communication systems, or digital signage. There are different names for this type of technology. What’s important is that it works the best for your company and CTS is the company that will provide a solution to best fit your facility’s needs.

The Problem: You need to seamlessly integrate alerts and notifications across your organization’s existing infrastructure.

The Solution: Mass Notification System by CTS


The Problem: You need a stand alone system for loudspeaker paging, security management, or background music.

The Solution: Mass Notification System by CTS


We live in a time where there are a variety of reasons that a mass notification system is important. Riots. Armed intruders. Severe weather. Terrorist attacks. All of these situations have made it necessary for facilities to implement technology that provides continual information and direction to all occupants, whether they’re your employees or your patrons. Mass notification systems created by CTS are customized for your facility and that’s critical when communication is vital during an emergency event.

Poor ambient noise and outdated notification systems can cause unnecessary stress work inefficiencies on the people in your office. CTS will deliver TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS FOR YOU.

CTS is Collaborative Technology Solutions

Collaborative Technology Solutions, CTS, has offices in both Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. Collaborative Technology Solutions designs, engineers, and supports technology solutions that work at the speed of your business and beyond what you have imagined. We work with companies all across the United States and are proud to have a growing client list who puts their security and audio needs in our hands.

No matter the size of your business, we specialize in delivering structured cabling networks, collaborative audio visual solutions, security infrastructure, sound masking, mass notification installation, and wireless cellular enhancement which focus on TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS FOR YOU.

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