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The CTS Team

Tom Livolsi <br> <h6> President and Partner </h6> <br>
“Technology is the most important tool for business and that it should be proven, reliable, and integrated seamlessly into the company workflow.”
Allan Logan, RCDD <br> <h6> Vice President and Partner </h6> <br>
“A well-thought-out and designed technology infrastructure is the bedrock of corporate competition.”
Chelsea Outen <br> <h6>Sales Manager</h6> <br>
"I believe in making a customer, not a sale."
Jordan Witt <br> <h6> Sales AV Project Coordinator </h6> <br>
“It’s imperative to always follow through with promises and do what it takes to get the job done.”
Alvin Gilmore, TECH, RTPM <br><h6>Director of Structured Cable Engineering</h6><br>
Our goal is to design a structured cabling system that is tailored to the specific needs of each client.  No two clients are alike. - Avoid the “cookie cutter” approach.
Daniel Goodling <br> <h6> Sales Engineer </h6> <br>
“Step up to any challenge and enjoy seeing the finished product through hard work and dedication.”
Samantha Figueroa <br><h6>Purchasing Agent/<br>Warehouse Manager</h6><br>
"To ensure exceptional customer satisfaction, I make sure everyone has everything."
Jeramie Slaughterbeck <br> <h6> Security Operations Manager </h6> <br>
“Help each customer with the needs of a corporate security system that serves the customer now and into the future.”
Michael Frank, CTS-D <br><h6>Director of Audio Visual </h6><br>
"The question is simply: What is best for THIS client?"
Chad Truax<br><h6>Senior Project Manager</h6><br>
"Customer Service is paramount."
Justin Medlin <br> <h6>Project Manager</h6> <br>
"Excellent installation of access control, intrusion, and security cameras allows the client comfort and peace-of-mind."
Dominic Price <br> <h6> Project Manager</h6> <br>
“An advanced technology framework along with collaboration and communication helps build successful companies.”
Heather Schulz <br> <h6> Accounting Manager </h6> <br>
“Do everything possible to maintain an accurate flow of financial information to maximize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and profitability”
CTS Technicians